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  August 14th 2012

Vince Neil the Wedding Singer? Yes that's right the hard core iconic heavy metal front man of Motley Crue was in fact a wedding singer ....



  Robert Miguel ( RMP ) for Rockin The Red Carpet 2012 interviews The Iconic Frontman of Mtley Cre Mr. Vince Neil. This is by far one of the best interviews with Vince during "THE TOUR" with Mtley Cre and KISS.

On Aug. 4th 2012 in Dallas TX after giving his best performance in the blistering heat with his band Mtley Cre and friends KISS, Vince Neil and his hot girlfriend Rain was caught Rockin' the Red Carpet in downtown Dallas where local Rock N Roll DJ Robert Miguel secured what is possibly the best most honest Vince Neil interview I have ever heard.

Vince gave out some great advice for up and coming rock bands "Play everything and anywhere, find your crowd" the legendary rocker said. In the video you can see Rain whisper in Vince's ear and Vince smiled and said " Yeah, I played a lot of weddings" Robert Miguel asked if there were any famous weddings and Vince reply was " Absolutely Not" Vince went on to state that there will be more new songs coming from Cre and the rocker hinted to a new tour with Cre around the new songs next year.

Vince said him and KISS are old friends and pointed out that in 1981 KISS Tour "Creatures of the Night" was Motleys first major tour that Vince admitted only lasted a few shows before him and his motley crew crue got kicked off for partying and acting crazy. Vince described how a young Mtley Cre was just getting by and their stage theatrics consisted of nothing more than sticks in the ground with skulls and candles and a drum riser that Tommy Lee and Vince built.

What does the Heavy Mentalist do for fun was one of the questions.. Vince replied "I tour " and oh "Pool parties"

I was at the Dallas show and I have to admit Vince sounded the best I ever heard LIVE. I mean he really turned it up hitting the highs perfectly. Thanks Robert Miguel for grabbing this awesome interview. Rock on Vince Neil, see you again soon we hope.

Jennifer Miller
Rockin the Red Carpet 2012

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On Saturday, August 25th, 2012 Vince Neil will be at Jim Glover Chevrolet! To help bring awareness and to raise money for Make-A-Wish Oklahoma foundation!




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