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Winner Don't Wake Aislin  WAR of ROCK Dallas TX October 26th  2011

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Christian / Rock / Alternative
Deena Jakoub - vocals
Brandon Brown - guitar
Kalen Orr - guitar
Michael Upchurch - bass
Guerin Williams - drums
Dallas, TX
Record Label
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Current Location
Dallas, TX
General Manager
Booking Agent


We have no idea why this band is not signed. Wow what a performance and great lyrics too.  This is the first time a Christian Rock Band has won the battle. We will be seeing more of this band soon that's a promise.

About Don't Wake Aislin

Don't Wake Aislin is a Dallas, TX rock band that has been together since 2004. DWA is widely known for their unique sound, including a female singer whose vocals range from breathtakingly beautiful melodies to raw screaming, and their powerful, high-energy live performances. The band has gotten much attention over the past 6 years, as they have played hundreds of shows and have an extremely devoted fanbase, sometimes playing to crowds of over 2500 people. Their energetic live shows and the versatility of their music quickly gained the band a strong following from the beginning.

In March 2006, they released their first EP, "Hope". In 2007, Don't Wake Aislin showcased during the SXSW music conference in Austin, TX. They've also performed shows at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL, where they received incredible feedback and gained fans from across the nation.

DWA was again a Label Showcase band at the 2008 Cornerstone Festival, drawing one of the largest crowds of any indie band at the festival and attracting the interest of several record labels.

The band has recently added a new guitarist and bass player and has been playing shows. The latest from the band "Everyone Has a Story" released in 2009 independently. By: Sound Guy WUMC

December 26th 2011 Controversial Ending by: Brittany Talent Manager for  WAR of ROCK.

On October 26th, 2011 Shock, intrigue and controversy arose during the final minutes filming WAR of ROCK in Dallas when Tom Stokes read the wrong bands name as winner... “It was late and a long night and I #&@%ed up” Tom later stated.

The sheet of paper handed to Tom was just “The list of all bands” and the points were off to the side He glanced down and saw 1. Adakain 2. Don't Wake Aislin  3. Midnight Empire and 4. Love Stricken Demise ... so on  … Without divulging the spread of points, to the side “ Had Tom looked” was the WINNER by a few points “Don't Wake Aislin”.

The members of Adakain understood and were very gracious to bow out. ( Could you image being announced the winner and then 30 seconds later saying no I am sorry you’re not )  through it all however there was a heated moment between Tom and Adakain management, which we understand but did not appreciate as again it was a mistake.  Instead of just blowing off the situation and focusing on Don't Wake Aislin Tom sought a fast solution.

The solution thought would be great to have two winners for Dallas since it was so close. This way everyone WINS right? Well that sounds like a good plan, even Don't Wake Aislin was supportive around the derision to have two winners. Tom stated: "Looking back now and after much disapproval from within the camp it wasn't a good idea and I should have paid better attention"

“ Tom Stokes,the MC / coordinator of the night , then came onstage to announce the winner. Three bands were called onto the stage - Love Stricken Demise, Adakain, and Midnight Empire. Tom said that even though all three bands were very close in the judges' scoring, there could be only one winner, and that winner was Adakain. Several minutes later an announcement was made that there had been a mistake - Don't Wake Aislin was the real winner! There was much confusion in the air at this point. Finally it was announced that there would be two winners for the Dallas War of Rock, both Don't Wake Aislin and Adakain. Mr. Stokes declared that he wrote the rules, therefore he could change them. It was also announced that a new city, Fort Worth, would be added to this region's competition, and that all were welcome to compete again. Special recognition was given to Order 204, the youngest competitors this night. Jill Jackson, Dallas Live Music Examiner.com “  http://www.examiner.com/live-music-in-dallas/war-of-rock-dallas

After two months of talking within the WAR of ROCK Camp it has been decided that the rules are the rules. Greg Ingram is the Co-Creator of WAR of ROCK and although He agrees there was a mistake made. It would further be a mistake if they allowed Adakain to share the spotlight without including the other bands.

Greg Ingram: “Yes it sucks but to be fair if Don't Wake Aislin and Adakain were both winners then Love Stricken Demise and Midnight Empire would be winners with Don't Wake Aislin and Adakain, this of course cannot happen. Unfortunately there can only be one winner and we are going to stick to the rules and bylaws set down and agreed upon back in August when we started the project”

Since the Dallas Episode WAR of ROCK have installed “Safe Guards” for the future and will verify the winner before announcing the winner LIVE. We want to extend our apologies to the band Adakain and we know this will not stop them from being successful in the future. We also extend the invitation to them to join WAR of ROCK for the Fort Worth Show slated for Mid February 2012. We welcome any feedback please send to Brittany email below.








September 14th 2011 ~  NEWS: WAR of ROCK September  10th Nashville TN WINNER IS: Transcend The Fallen  ..... Congratulations.

CLICK HERE for full story.  All the bands were Great !!!WAR of ROCK has REALLY made Rock and Roll History again ...   Michael Nast Behind the scenes WINNER Transcend The Fallen Video CLICK HERE

 More Updates Soon Stay Tuned ..




August 7th 2011 ~  NEWS: WAR of ROCK August  6th WINNER IS: Mama Piranha ..... Congratulations to Willie and his band. CLICK HERE for full story.  All the bands were Great so glad I was not a Judge it was very hard to choose. WOW what a great night WAR of ROCK has REALLY made Rock and Roll History MOJO was right..  Michael Nast Behind the scenes WINNER Mama Piranha Video CLICK HERE
*NEW Rock 99 MOJO Morning Show Interview With Mama Piranha and Mark Slaughter August 12, 2011 CLICK HERE

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